Writing a supreme court opinion

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Majority opinion

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Supreme Court Procedures

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when writing the majority opinion, have to take into account the preferences. of their colleagues and cannot write the opinion solely for themselves.

Scholars have studied the assignment of the majority opinion, the writ. ing of the majority opinion, the justices’ choice of what bargaining tactics to.

Part of The Burger Court Opinion Writing Database project was to collect all of the hand-written memoranda and scan them into digital archive format. Sorcerers’ Apprentices, a book on the influence of Supreme Court clerks, found that about 30 percent of the opinions issued by the Supreme Court are almost entirely the work of law clerks, with clerks responsible for the majority of the court’s output.

1. Identify the parts Typically, a U.S. Supreme Court opinion is comprised of one or more, or all, of the following parts: Syllabus The syllabus appears first, before the main opinion.

It is not part of the official opinion, but rather, a summary added by the Court to help. When Justices do not agree with the majority opinion, they may express their opposition by writing “dissenting opinions.”As well, Justices frequently write “concurring opinions” that clarify their reasons for joining the majority (What Is the US Supreme Court?


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Assignment You are a Supreme Court law clerk working for Justice Anthony Kennedy, traditionally the swing vote on the U.S Supreme Court. You are assigned the task of drafting the opinion for Justice Kennedy in the case presented below.

Writing a supreme court opinion
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Concurring Opinion Writing on the U.S. Supreme Court