Searchindexer.exe disk write activity

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Upgraded to Windows 8, now constant disk access

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Solved: svchost.exe (netsvcs) High PF & CPU usage

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Resume or Restart Windows Vista Indexing Service After Pausing

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searchindexer.exe extermemly high cpu usage - for days

Windows Vista indexing service (Windows Search is a process that scans and creates a database record of files and folders on the system in order to improve the speed of search operation. When WSearch indexing is running, it will unavoidable has read and write access to hard disk, causing slowdown in computing performance.

excessive hard disk activity

How to search a process by name? Ask Question. up vote 1 down vote favorite. No, I don't find in the Disk tab, under the Processes with Disk Activity.

– Santosh Kumar Jul 20 '17 at Should I write my story if I haven't established a plot?

How do I stop this constant disk activity?

Apr 30,  · The process is utilizing near % of one of my CPUs. Opening the Indexing Options from the Control Panel strangely reveals that "Indexing is reduced due to user activity". Jun 20,  · CPU consumption almost %, disk activity not normal, the reason is CscService in combination with SearchIndexer - constantly indexing or going over the files in Client Side Cache under Windows directory.

Sep 18,  · The resulting display shows both all processes with disk activity (sorted by total bytes/sec.) and all disk activity by file. I too have found a huge amount of disk activity when my XP Mode VM is brought out of hibernation. Thanks LH and Gordy, First of all I feel good that it was not a Troyan or something.

Both of your answers stops the indexing. So what I have to decide is if I want a machine running like a racehorse or get a search answer running like a lighting.

Searchindexer.exe disk write activity
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