Benefits/disadvantages: paper based vs. ehr essay

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Benefits/Disadvantages: Paper Based VS. EHR Essay Sample

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Benefits of switching to an electronic health record

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

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A study of the impact of an EHR on the completeness of clinical histories in a labor and delivery unit demonstrated improved documentation, compared to prior paper-based histories.

13 Lastly, an EHR provides clinical decision support such as alerts and reminders, which will be covered later in this chapter. Nov 11,  · The authors report a “case” — their own imperfect study with its techniques and results—and then review the literature to illustrate how specific methodologic issues traditionally hinder the comparison of paper-based (PPRs) and electronic patient records (EPRs).

However, this paper will discuss the differences between an EHR and an EMR. It will cover the benefits and disadvantages of the EMR in the home health setting.

This paper will also cover the potential costs associated with the use of the EMR in the home health setting. I feel that the benefits highly out weigh the challenges of staff, and physicians having a difficult time transitioning to a new way of healthcare providers have always used paper based medical records.

Another pro to using paper is that you can customize and change your forms at will, without worrying about requirements or limitations of an EHR. You can include a logo/branding to make them look nice and delete or add as many sections as you like.

Unlike a manual paper system, which gives access to anyone, EHR only allows authorized personnel to access medical records and ability to view, document and transfer records. Paper records require more personnel to manage and maintain paper files, access, and organize countless documents.

Benefits/disadvantages: paper based vs. ehr essay
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