An overview of the wooden piece of art female figure dilukai

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Carved Wood Woman

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HAND PAINTED. BOTH ARE 4 1/2" TALL X 1 1/2" WIDE X 2 1/2" DEEP. NICE PIECES OF FOLK ART. Vintage Wood Carved figure Old Woman w/ Bag 6" tall Carved Wood Figure Woman Mother Thanksgiving SIGNED Cooking Turkey Mom VB Artist 0 bids. Very unusual wood carving of woman serving turkey stands just under 7 inches tall signed VB.

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DILUKAI. Legend has it that this fierce figure protects villages in the Caroline Islands in Micronesia by blessing crops and warding off with the most feminine part of her body. Dilukai figures were carved over houses with their legs spread, presenting their vaginas.

Overview. The Denver Art Museum's pre-Columbian collection represents nearly every major culture in Mesoamerica, Central America, and South America. Included are masterworks in ceramic, stone, gold, jade, and textiles.

During the North Building renovation project the Pre-Colombian galleries are closed. Each as unique as the pose it depicts, these pieces of yoga art will add that calming touch to any room in the home or office. Yoga appeared in the North of India around the 9th Century, finally making its way to Europe at the end of the 19th Century.

Nice lines and details on this piece! The wood has a dark tone and I believe it is walnut (this is my opinion however.). This is an antique folk art, jointed wood figure. It was hand carved from a soft wood, probably pine. Hand Carved Female Figure Nude Wood Sculpture Terrazzo Aggregate Base 33" Tall.


An overview of the wooden piece of art female figure dilukai
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